Friday, January 11, 2008

Review: Gerald Genta - Arabic exclusive.

The most impressive model is of course the Octo Mosaic. It's impressive due to its size (a diameter of 44,5mm), its thickness (12,45mm), the gap between the lugs (31mm), its weight and of course due to its design.

IQP+GMT with arabic figures and text. The watch is 100m waterproof. The dial decoration is an homage to the arabic art. Its style works perfectly with the case shape. The watch is sold with a beautiful jewellcase, a compass and a booklet. The booklet is used to set the compass in order to find the Mecca's direction.

The case is made in Stainless Steel or White Gold for Muslim customers.

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sparks said...

Hi. I had a chance to grab a copy of your latest issue while transiting in Dubai yesterday. I think it's a fabulous urban guide. Being a freelance travel writer myself, I found your magazine highly inspiring. Travelling is no longer about the destination nor the journey. It's about the details there and back. Plus. I cannot agree with your photographer, Omar Sanadiki, more. I absolutely think your magazine smells wonderful. Just like a brown book would smell of :) Too bad I won't be able to get a copy of your magazine soon, not until the next time I go to Dubai. Till then, I'll just check your blog, so do keep it as interesting :) Cheers!