Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Building a new industry Kenje based in Kazakhstan capital, has made the fashion world start to buzz. High end retailers were surprised that the collection of dresses has left Haute Couture junkies asking for more. The interest in the Kenje was so great that renowned critics were left in speechless.
During the launch of the collection in Kazakhstan with international fashion connoisseurs visiting has left a great impact on the city let alone the region.
With models walking to a set of songs with a mix of African drums and other instruments the podium was filled with unrealistic tanned Models. Later the show was quoted as fashion with no borders and nationalities.
Akkenje Devyatko, exhibiting under the name Kenje has led her country with a fashion collection from the Amazons labeled "courageous, secure her".
I think we all will be hearing more of Akkenje in the years to come.

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