Sunday, January 6, 2008

Living in a Dream - Beit Al Mamlouka

Within the Bab Touma district in Damascus lies a historical marvel that vows to provide guests with a unique experience in hotel accommodation.Renovated from a 17th century family house, the 8 bedroom boutique hotel Beit Al Mamlouka has been garnering international interest for its stylized interiors and startlingly accurate reincarnation of old Syrian time periods.
Each of the eight rooms have been appointed different names such as Suleyman I and Ibn Sina- all are names of Pioneering figureheads that have existed within Syrian history. Each room is delicately furnished according to different time periods or rather, the time period that each character the room is named after existed. As a result, no two rooms are the same and each room possesses a highly distinct and individual feel.This hotel is breathtaking escape in a historical city. We can assure you that you will have no trouble in wanting go back over and over again to revisit Beit Al Mamlouka.

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Maya said...

"Beit Al Mamlouka" is nice, there's another one called "Talasima" which is said to be even better with themed rooms.
My personal favorite is "Art House"; an old mill transformed into a hotel.