Friday, March 7, 2008

East meets West

'East meets West' by Tonio de Roover is a sofa that invites people together to sit, talk or read.
In visual sense, 'East meets West' a sculptural object, an item that refers to a flying carpet that want to rise from the earth. It is reminiscent of the 'tales of a thousand and One Nights', thus heralding a connection with non-Western cultures. The simplicity of the shape and the materials used to emphasise this image.



That is one of a kind chair :O

I love mixing Eastern with Western stuff :D
I recently bought a beautiful jacket with Arabic calligraphy all over it :D

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting!

I believe it will create an exciting reaction from people. And this is the essence of design, to be able to engage your audience with your creation.
Brown Book, you are one of a kind!! I love your featurs