Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lamia Asudari

Origin|Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Active|Lonon, UK
Lamia Asudari has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer for very long time. After arriving in the UK from Saudi Arabia at the age of nine, her love for making and creating turned into a full time obsession. After studying a Theatre and Costume Design course at the American University of Cairo, Asudari was finally able to indulge in her design passion by enrolling in a Fashion Print degree at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. For Asudari, London proved to be the important creative outlet needed to start her design quest, something she feels would not have been achievable had she stayed within the Middle East.
After Completing an 18 Month stint at the institutional fashion label Alexander McQueen, Asudari learnt to apply important clothing manufacturing techniques to her designs. These proved to be important defining techniques that would allow her designs to stand out from the rest.
Asudari's collection is modern style at its very best. Nonetheless, she has not left her cultural roots out of the design mix, instead combining the two contrasting worlds to create styles that are brimming with fluidity and modernity.
Spring/Summer 2008
Axiom Abbayas 2007

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