Monday, November 26, 2007

Review: Beirut The Flying Club Cup

Very few bands have managed to achieve the mythical and ethereal quality that Beirut have produced. Sure, the comparisons are endless - Rufus Wainright, Jens Lekman, any other exotic European-looking male singer songwriter that can brandish a guitar, but what makes Beirut different to the rest?

Beirut tends to make a lot of noise too, but it’s noise that is controlled and precise, musical and majestical. Songs such as La Banlieu, Nantes and A Sunday Smile will resonate through your head with absolute clarity, luring you into a land made up of tradition, carnivals and flights of fancy. Organs, xylophones, a collection of string instruments, all add an air of exotic beauty to his music, bringing great depth to his lyrics and romantically distinct voice.

The Flying Club Cup is an absolute gem of an album, sparkling with intelligent indie-folk songs and cosmopolitan musical compositions.

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